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Tight deadlines. Limited advertising budgets. We understand your challenges - that's why we work QUICKLY! We’ve been producing effective patient recruitment advertising for more than 10 years. Our TV advertising solutions are tailor-made for sites like yours.

Your CHALLENGE #1: Limited Budgets

Solved. Put more of your ad budget toward your media buy with ReadiAds®. Developed for research sites, so you can purchase clean, crisp, professional TV ads at a fraction of the cost – with none of the headache – of producing a campaign ‘from scratch’. License your ReadiAd™ for subsequent studies and you’ll save even more.

Talk to us about filling your studies quickly and cost effectively.

Your Big CHALLENGE #2: Tight Deadlines

Done. We understand your deadline pressures and we know how you work. By the time ad approval comes down, you need to be on the air yesterday! We’re available and responsive – we partner with you to meet your deadlines. And, did we mention most of our production services are delivered within 2 business days? Speed when you need it. TV spots that gets results.

Your CHALLENGE #3: Volume

Fixed. When your research site conducts any volume of trials, it doesn’t take long to exhaust your patient database and social media networks. To run a successful trial, you need new leads, and lots of them! This is where TV really shines, producing a steady flow of qualified leads.

At Patient Recruitment Ads, We Deliver Effective Patient Recruitment Advertising Media the Way You Need It:
Quickly. Affordably. Reliably.

ReadiAds® Save You Time & Money

TV Spots Produced in Advance

Pre-made ReadiAds® streamline the production process so you get your spots quickly and affordably. Browse our library of TV spots and find exactly what you want.

Fully Customizable to Your Needs

ReadiAds® are smart – quickly delivered; yet no two ever look alike. Stock media, color, graphics, and voiceover are customized to your specific study and/or brand. The look is clean and professional and turnaround is lightning fast.

More Bang for Your Buck

We can easily ‘retool’ your ReadiAd® for different studies. You’ll save even more money and you’ll get what you need faster than you can say “roll ‘em”.

ReadiAds® TV spots are produced in advance, so you save time.

4 Simple Steps to Your TV Spot:

  1. Browse our library of ReadiAds®
  2. Choose the best fit for your study
  3. Fill out our Project Discovery Form
  4. Find something to do with the time You save

Your customized storyboard will be delivered within 2 business days for IRB-approval. Once your ad is IRB approved, your spot will be fully produced and station-delivery ready within 2 business days.

Browse our entire library of ReadiAds® and see how easily you can put the power TV advertising to work filling your studies.

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Why TV Advertising?

74.8% of people believe commercials viewed on your television set are the most effective or influential video advertising. (Commercials viewed on your computer, tablet, or mobile device was 2nd at 21.2%.)

BBM Analytics March 2014 – TVB Attitudinal Survey 2014

Custom Production

When you need custom TV spot production, we’ve got you covered, including versioning and distribution.

TV Spot Production

Need TV spots to fill your studies? We can produce TV spots featuring motion graphics, animation, illustration, and more. Talk to us for details.

Versioning & Distribution

Need versioning* for multi-center studies or response tracking? No problem! We’ll turn it around uber-quick and to make life easy, we can distribute your ads directly to the stations. We’ll get the right spot, in the right format to the right station. Leave it to the experts and enjoy peace of mind.

*multiple versions of your TV spot with unique phone numbers and/or site names

Same Great Service

All of our services are delivered on industry-friendly timelines. Our production will never hold up your schedule. Reliable and on-time. Every time.


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